Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Candidate Materials for Bio-Based Insulation Application

Seaweeds have been used in construction applications since the 17th century, with documented application as insulation and roofing materials in Asia, Europe and North America. In many respects, seaweed is an ideal construction material: It is plentiful, inexpensive, completely renewable, and fire resistant owing to its high salt content. In some regions, seaweed species of interest are seen as pest organisms, damaging to tourism and recreation industries and is harvested for the purpose of beautifying beach attractions to make them more appealing to tourist and recreational swimmers. Recently, owing to the trend toward sustainable living and construction, renewed interest has been paid to the potential of seaweed in construction applications.
Guest Speaker Jack Lambourne from the Dublin Institute of Technology speaks to work recently presented at the Canadian Thermal Analysis Society conference in Toronto, concerning the development of a seaweed insulation material for application in sustainable construction in Ireland. 


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