Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Graphite

Graphite Sheets/Foils, Powders, and Foams




Carbon is a highly diverse material utilized as standalone components or an additive in many composite systems to aid in thermal management. Whether naturally occurring or synthetic, the format and structure of the carbon material are highly influential on overall performance. Amorphous or powdered forms tend to have lower thermal conductivity, with applications in composite fillers, material formulations, and insulative materials. On the other hand, highly oriented crystalline forms tend to have very high thermal conductivity and are applied as thermal heat exchangers. These factors will affect the method selection in characterizing the carbon material’s thermal conductivity.

This webinar will feature a range of carbon-based materials, including graphite sheets/foils, powders, and foams, covering various thermal conductivities and applications. We will highlight using the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) and Transient Plane Source (TPS) methods in characterizing these novel materials.

This webinar aired on April 18, 2024 @ 2:00PM GMT-3.

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