Platform Technology with Broad Application

As a solution provider, C-Therm collaborates with researchers and corporations in numerous sectors to address specific challenges. The chart below offers a perspective on the breadth of applications, materials and roles C-Therm's innovative technology can address.

Petroleum Thermoelectrics Nanomaterials Explosives Polymers Geological

Thermal Interface Materials Metal Hydrides
Heat Transfer Fluids
Cement & Concrete
Phase Change Materials
Thin Films
Photovoltaic Insulation Metals LED Lighting Automotive

C-Therm's innovative, thermal sensor technology is designed and applied to solve problems in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Assessment of thermal characteristics – accurately evaluating the thermal properties of materials, such as insulation or heat dissipating compounds for use in electronics
  • Accelerating R&D – speeding the development and scale up of products and formulations, such as pharmaceuticals, through rapid testing and real time results
  • In-process monitoring & control – online effusivity testing as a proxy determinate of quality and consistency of products during production
  • Material screening – checking incoming raw materials and finished goods for homogeneity
  • Inspection of inaccessible areas - “looking” through layers of a material or composite to reveal internal characteristics that would otherwise require disassembly or destruction of the sample to access
  • Service life monitoring – determining and monitoring the service life of critical materials, such as lubricants, to ensure they have not deteriorated beyond the required specifications