1 instrument, 4 methods for Thermal Conductivity (k) (It's better to have options.)

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Trident T R I D E N T

Process Analytical Technology

In-Line Thermal Conductivity & Effusivity Sensors for Process Control and Traceability
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Full Range of Thermal Analysis Solutions (DSC, STA, TMA, DMA, Thermal Conductivity and Effusivity)

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Advanced Thermal Analysis with DSC, STA, and TMA

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High Force, High Frequency DMA Testing
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Trending Applications

In the world of thermal characterization, trending applications in materials science and innovation are a leading indicator of industry trends. Learn how C-Therm can help you with your speciality.

  • Intel Corporation

    C-Therm’s Trident system allows us to not only test a relatively broader range of materials with various sensor techniques, but with the Slab utility we are able to easily test the thermal conductivity of our thin aluminum alloys – which have high value in today’s electronic and computing hardware

    Hardeep Singh,
    Sr. Thermal Engineer

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  • Haydale Composites Solutions Ltd.

    C-Therm MTPS has been a key piece of testing equipment at Haydale, providing fast and accurate thermal conductivity measurements for our product development of nanocomposites. Having this capability has allowed a better understanding of the dispersion of nanomaterials in polymer matrices through thermal mapping sample surfaces. The support and customer service from C-Therm has been excellent over the years, we look forward to dealing with them again in the near future.”

    Stuart Sykes

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  • Hussmann (A Panasonic Company)

    The C-Therm MTPS Sensor is working very well and definitely has lots of use for product development, it allows us to test materials (i.e. food) that we have not been able to test in the past allowing us to optimize product performance.

    Steven Korda,
    Engineer, R&D Lab

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  • Covestro

    The C-Therm Thermal Conductivity Analyzer has provided our group a fast, accurate capability to test the thermal conductivity of our polymers with C-Therm’s patented high-precision MTPS sensor. The instrument has become very popular within our group for its quick easy reliable measurement and the support from C-Therm has exceeded our expectations. We recently upgraded the unit with the new robust TLS module for work on polymer melts.

    Jose Fonseca,
    Expert Thermodynamics (Sector: Polymers)

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  • Kimberly Clark

    C-Therm’s MTPS sensor is a fast and accurate instrument which has been an invaluable addition to our lab. The MTPS sensor allows us to quickly understand the thermal properties of our non-woven textile materials, diapers, and wipes. The thermal properties of these materials were previously unknown. Patrick and his colleagues at C-Therm are quick to answer our questions and provide helpful resources. I would definitely recommend C-Therm thermal conductivity instruments to those looking to know the thermal properties for their materials.

    Fang Wang,
    Lead Material Scientist

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  • NASA

    We purchased [from C-Therm] after seeing a demonstration of how fast and easy it is to operate. The instrument provides unequivocal results and provides the flexibility to test powders and liquids. In terms of our satisfaction with the purchase, I’d give it a 10 out of 10 - extremely satisfied.

    Dr. Enrique Jackson,
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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  • TUV SUD Switzerland

    Using the Trident system for thermal conductivity testing of our process safety studies and related contract testing has provided our lab with invaluable new capabilities, with great support from the team at C-Therm.

    Delphine Berset,
    Process Safety

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  • Seaforth Geosurveys Inc.

    Seaforth Geosurveys turned to C-Therm for effective thermal conductivity characterization in our exploration vessel’s on-board lab. The portability and ease of use of the instrument allowed our technicians to rapidly measure thermal conductivity of our geological core samples accurately and consistently in a 24-7 operation. As a Nova Scotia based company working worldwide, we were pleased to have a local, made in Atlantic Canada solution for our project requirements. We would recommend the Trident for any research or screening with a focus on geological and/or in-situ applications, and we will continue to utilize it on new exploration missions.

    David Lombardi,
    President (Sector: Geology / Oil & Gas)

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