Thermal Conductivity Academic Support Program

Special assistance to foster collaboration with researchers in the academic sector. Includes discount and added financial support.


Bring C-Therm's Equipment to your Institution's Laboratory

C-Therm greatly values our clients who are leading important research in the academic sector while training the bright minds of tomorrow. The versatility of C-Therm’s patented technology has many applications in a research-based environment. Enrolling in the Academic Support Program* provides financial support to researchers planning to purchase a C-Therm Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Instrument. The goal of the program is to foster further collaboration with researchers in the academic sector by providing them easier access to C-Therm’s leading thermal conductivity instrumentation.

Figure 1: C-Therm’s Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument

The program offers a substantial discount on the instrument purchase and bundles it with additional valuable benefits. It includes:

trident discount icon 20% Discount on Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Instrument. Some restrictions apply.
training discount icon 50% Off Training & Support Packages.
sensor discount icon 15% Discount on C-Therm product accessories and consumables. Third-party items such as thermal chambers, furnaces, and peripherals are not eligible for discounts.
student bursary icon One (1) $750 USD student bursary towards travel and registration costs to present eligible material(s) at a technical conference or symposium**.
lab testing discount icon $1,000 USD towards supplemental TAL Test Services (Thermal Conductivity, LFA, DSC, TGA, TMA, or DMA).


*Offer valid in North America only and exclusive for researchers directly affiliated with or employed by recognized and accredited academic institutes, colleges, or universities.  C-Therm reserves the right to determine eligibility for the program.  All bursaries, credits and discounts expire one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Special Academic Support program cannot be combined or stacked with other offers, discounts, or credits. 

**Presentation must feature thermal conductivity data to be eligible and submission must be approved by C-Therm.

Apply Today and Check your Eligibility

When you fill out the form, a C-Therm representative will get in touch with you to follow-up with additional information. You will also receive instant access to:

The Trident Product Brochure– a descriptive pamphlet outlining the benefits of easy plug & play testing with Trident’s four different attachments, each suited for unique applications.

The Thermal Conductivity Method Selection Whitepaper– a comprehensive manual to provide you with the best method for measuring the thermal conductivity of your samples using Trident’s multiple industry-standard testing options.

    Recent Collaborations

    There are various institutions across the globe implementing C-Therm’s patented products to aid their research endeavors. The image below displays a recent collaboration with C-Therm and their valued customers.

    Figure 2: C-Therm’s Genesis Infante, Materials Scientist and Ph.D., providing a product demonstration to researchers at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

    What do our Clients Have to Say?

    • University of Connecticut

      "C-Therm's MTPS sensor is a very easy and quick technique to measure the thermal conductivity of samples. The instrument setup is very simple and can be used with a wide range of materials. In our lab, we use it with polymer and graphene materials. Having the sensor operate at a broader temperature range is a plus. The team at C-Therm is also very helpful and responds quickly if we need any support or guidance to use the instrument."

      Prabodha Abeykoon,
      Department of Chemistry

    • James Madison University

      "To whom are looking a reliable Thermal Conductivity Analyzer, TCi™ Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is very easy to operate. A single test with multiple runs (for a statistical reason) can be done in 20 to 25 minutes or shorter. The results are accurate thanks to a precision calibration provided by C-Therm Technologies Ltd., The entire Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT) Program at James Madison University (JMU) School of Integrated Sciences has been benefitting from using it especially for measuring the thermal conductivity of building materials in our sophomore Energy labs, and senior capstone projects involving EF Block® (Environmental Friendly, novel, lightweight, degradable, high R-value building block). The thermal effusivity value is part of the MTPS (Modified Transient Plane Source) sensor outputs which gives our students a better understanding of the transient heat conduction relationships between the specific heat, the density, and the thermal conductivity of building materials. In short, we are truly thrilled to own this sensor and believe that it will serve our students and faculty members for many years to come. Also, here we would like to thank both the sales and technical support teams from C-THERM who provided us a very valuable training session and professional service before and after the purchase of this thermal conductivity analyzer."

      Tony Chen,
      Professor - School of Integrated Sciences

    • Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

      "We purchased C-Therm's TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer originally to characterize the thermal conductivity of metal hydrides. We liked that it could operate in a wide range of environments and test different materials. It provides accurate, unambiguous thermal conductivity results. What I've really come to appreciate about it is how easy it is to operate. Our students can train on it for 30 mins and be proficient in being left on their own in running their samples. We have many visiting scholars that used C-Therm's TCi for many types of samples. This equipment is really versatile."

      Dr. Jacques Huot,

    • Auburn University

      “Hats off to C-Therm. This machine was purchased maybe 12 years ago or longer and it still works great, as does the software on a newer 64-bit machine. This device has been a workhorse for us over the years and it's a real testimony to C-Therm giving the customers their money's worth.”

      Daniel Harris,
      Associate Professor

    • University of Arizona, Tucson

      “The TCkit from C-therm is simple-to-use and set up yet sophisticated in thermal analysis of wide variety of materials such as low 'k' metals, rocks and almost all ceramics. This instrument is beautifully constructed that caters from enthusiastic students to learning and understanding the thermo-physical measurement of materials in the laboratory, to mature scientists wishing to characterize their novel materials. The Kapton coated double spiral Ni sensor is robust yet flexible to ensure efficient contact between the surfaces. The short measurement time enables multiple measurements within minutes and accurate values of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity can be obtained. Overall, great experience. Thank you C-therm!"

      Pratish R. Rao,
      Graduate Studies Supervisor

    • University of Akron

      “We bought the C-Therm TCi in 2015 because we were looking for a fast, easy to use, and highly accurate instrument to measure the decrease/increase in thermal performance for our polymeric materials. The TCi has been extremely valuable for characterizing the existing polymeric samples, but also Hydrogels which are a new research interest for our lab. We appreciate not only having a fast and accurate instrument, but since beginning to research hydrogel materials its been great having access to a single instrument that allows us to characterize any sample that we may be working on at a given time. Over all, we have been very impressed with our instrument.”

      Dr. Jiahua Zhu,
      Assistant Professor

    • University of Nevada, Las Vegas

      “10 out of 10 – works great!”

      Kwang J. Kim, Ph.D.,,
      Distinguished Professor, ASME Fellow, NAI Fellow

    • Toronto Metropolitan University

      “The thermal conductivity measuring device TC kit is easy to operate. A new user would not face difficulty in using it. The kit can also provide test results within minutes. The Ni sensor is flexible to use. Moreover, it is suitable for testing cement-based composites and geopolymer which is very important for our research group. As a whole, TC kit is a useful device to investigate the thermal behaviour of solid material. This equipment is a great addition to our research lab and will allow us to open a new area of research.”

      Khandaker M. Anwar Hossain, Ph.D., P.Eng.,,

    About C-Therm

    Developers of Industry-Leading Thermal Conductivity Measurement Equipment

    C-Therm Technologies Ltd., headquartered in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, provides innovative thermal conductivity characterization instrumentation for R&D, production, and quality control environments. They work closely with the world’s most prominent manufacturers, research facilities, and academic institutions to measure the thermal properties of various materials. C-Therm’s flagship Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Instrument delivers fast, accurate measurement of thermal conductivity.

    For further information on research-based applications, see C-Therm’s Tech Library, a searchable database of publications featuring C-Therm’s thermal conductivity instrumentation.