Innovative Techniques for Accelerated Characterization of Polymer Composites

Presented by Special Guest Speaker Khaled Boqaileh

Polymer composites are materials that enable highly customizable properties tailored to specific applications. Mechanical and thermal properties are often targeted as critical performance metrics and are usually adjusted based on material selection, production process, and use of additives.

Due to the complex nature of these systems, characterization is not always a simple task. Material mechanical properties, static or dynamic, are critical for structural performance.  Accurate and repeatable results are needed to make a confident decision on what materials are best suited for an application.  Automated mechanical testing significantly improves accuracy by addressing inconsistencies in loading and users.  Thermal properties such as conductivity are also highly subject to the various formulations of interest, especially those containing fillers. Uneven filler distribution can result in localized spot variations impacting performance. Induced anisotropy can also significantly alter material performance. Proper method selection Is crucial for enabling accurate feedback on formulation development and adjustments.

Join special guest speaker Khaled Boqaileh, CEO at LabsCubed, to discuss various aspects of tensile testing using their innovative CubeOne system, which allows for efficient, accurate, and versatile testing. C‑Therm’s Subject Matter Experts, Arya Hakimian, and Travis Parkman, will discuss aspects of thermal conductivity testing using Trident and Metravib’s automated dynamic mechanical analyzer.

This webinar aired on February 15, 2024 @ 1:00PM GMT-3.

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