Thermal Mapping For Improved Molding Processes

Presented by Special Guest Speaker Sean Duffy




Senergy Innovations developed a series of nanocomposite materials for advanced applications in the solar thermal industry to provide affordable hot water on both domestic and commercial levels. The need for advanced thermoplastics with improved thermal conductivity has been at the forefront of Senergy’s research. Thermal conductivity through the thickness of parts nominally is more complex to increase than through the plane of the part, depending on conductive additives. One downside to thermoplastics is anisotropic behaviour due to poor or segmented dispersion and agglomeration of particles. This can lead to changes in conductivity along more significant parts due to particle distribution at the furthest point from the injection sprue. This talk will discuss how thermal mapping of samples can lead to increased knowledge of the moulding process through extrusion and both compression and injection moulding with the objective of more uniform dispersion for repeatable products.

Our successful research and production of advanced thermally conductive polymers have paved the way for diverse applications, particularly in collaboration with partners within sectors such as automotive and heat exchangers. Customizing our material for each application ensures optimal performance in various components. Leveraging Senergys’ advanced materials enables the substitution of conventional metal elements with bespoke, lighter polymer counterparts without compromising performance characteristics.

This webinar aired on January 25, 2024 @ 1:00PM GMT-3.

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