The Importance of Thermal Conductivity in Phase Change Material (PCM) Applications

Presented by Arya Hakimian

Welcome back to another year of exciting C-Therm webinars. To start 2024, we wanted to revisit one of our most popular webinar topics, Phase Change Materials (PCMs). In this webinar, we will recap popular PCM applications of 2023 with a primary focus on thermal conductivity.

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) offer unique material properties that make them well-suited for many applications, notably Thermal Energy Storage (TES) applications. More recently, the adoption of PCMs for thermal management has become an area of interest. However, certain inherent limitations are introducing a developmental bottleneck with regard to achieving desired performance. For example, traditional PCMs typically suffer from liquid phase leakage, limited available latent heat, and poor thermal conductivity. Another challenging consideration for PCMs is selecting a test method that supports testing the solid and liquid phases to quantify performance across the entire range of interest accurately.

This webinar will cover various applications where PCMs are employed, such as thermal management, electronics, construction, and solar energy, and highlight work being done to mitigate some of the inherent drawbacks of traditional PCMs. Proper method selection regarding thermal conductivity characterization will also be discussed.

This webinar aired on January 11, 2024 @ 1:00PM GMT-3.

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