Thermal Conductivity Innovations

Building a Sustainable Future with Efficient Materials

As global energy demands rise due to increasing population and urbanization, the need for efficient, sustainable, and innovative materials for building structures has never been more critical. These materials, which include cement, concrete, and bio-based materials from renewable biomass sources, play a significant role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and conserving energy.

Researchers are developing materials that provide high insulation levels without sacrificing structural strength. Key to this development is thermal conductivity, a property that directly influences the insulative performance (R-value) of the materials used. Lower thermal conductivity values correlate to better insulative systems, but in temperate climates, too low thermal conductivity can lead to thermal strain effects and premature cracking.

Novel materials often incorporate specialized fillers, coatings, or manufacturing techniques to control the desired thermal outcomes. Bio-based alternatives are seen in many applications in building materials such as insulations, cement, and concretes. However, it’s essential to accurately quantify thermal conductivity under representative conditions, including humidity levels, which play an essential role in concrete properties.

With Trident, testing the thermal conductivity of these materials is easy and quick, with both MTPS and TPS transient sensors available depending on the testing objectives. This upcoming webinar will review method selection in testing a wide range of materials used in building construction, discuss important considerations for thermal conductivity measurements, and highlight recent research in the field.

Join us to learn more about the thermal conductivity characterization of these materials, featuring work from various universities and institutes worldwide. This webinar is recommended for researchers, engineers, and green materials scientists working with or interested in novel construction and bio-based building materials.

This webinar aired on May 9, 2024 @ 2:00PM GMT-3.

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