TCi’s Application in the Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Metal Hydrides

The storage of hydrogen and the development of fuel cells are one of the main issues for the development of renewable energies in the next few years.

Metal hydrides specifically are receiving much attention as a storage media for hydrogen. In the development and characterization of metal hydrides for hydrogen absorption, the thermal conductivity of the material is a crucial material performance property. The thermal conductivity of the solid material is important to know how long it will take to get the pellets to an equilibrium temperature where they will begin releasing hydrogen. Furthermore, it is important to know the thermal conductivity of these pressed powders while engineering a storage device to use the powders commercially. The thermal conductivity of the material changes substantially from a powder to a compressed solid, necessitating the direct measurement of both material formats.

Results will be presented resulting from C-Therm’s collaboration with the University of New Brunswick’s Hydrogen Storage Materials group in applying the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer in the characterization of both powder and pellet formats within a glove box environment. Use of a glovebox is required in testing the materials due to the highly reactive state of the metal hydrides. The glovebox is purged with argon or nitrogen gas. The TCi’s unique ability to easily operate within the glovebox environment provides a significant advantage to researchers in the field of metal hydrides characterization. Learn more about the TCi’s application in metal hydride characterization.

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