Introduction to Dilatometry

Learn about the basics of operation of the C-Therm DiL Dilatometer. This webinar provides an excellent introduction in understanding the capabilities and limitations of the DiL.  The DiL offers precise measurement of thermal expansion of materials, to a resolution of 1.25nm. Designed for lab environments, the DiL comes with analysis software capable of real-time display of results, with one-click export to Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Clients also have the option to purchase the powerful CALISTO thermal analysis package offered by Setaram. The DiL provides users with broad testing ranges – up to 1600°C – and the option to double their throughput with a two-channel system.  The DiL can test a wide variety of sample sizes, accommodating sample diameters of 4-12mm and sample lengths from 10-50mm. Large expansions are assessable through the C-Therm DiL, as displacement of up to 4mm may be measured. With the DiL, researchers have access to a powerful platform for analysis of coefficient of thermal expansion, polymorphic phase transitions, glass transition temperature, dilatometric softening point, and other thermophysical and thermochemical phenomena.
This webinar will primarily focus on introducing clients to the operation of the C-Therm DiL and the analysis of sample results. However, applications in metallurgy, polymer science, geopolymers, and ceramics will be highlighted. 


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