Innovations in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry with Guest Speaker, Mr. Link Brown

Guest Speaker: Mr. Link Brown (Managing Director of Setaram Inc.)
Thermal Analysis Labs (TAL) is pleased to announce a new partnership with SETARAM Inc, a global leader in Thermal Analysis with a full range of instrumentation that offers use in the widest temperature and atmosphere range, high sensitivity options, and a flexible/modular design to meet your specific application and future research needs.
Link Brown, the Managing Director of Setaram US, will speak in this introductory webinar to Setaram’s product line. In addition to providing a brief history of Setaram Inc., the unique 3-dimensional heat flow sensors that allow Setaram calorimeters unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy – including the ability to measure specific heat capacity of samples to within 2% accuracy, a full order of magnitude better than most traditional DSCs can achieve will be introduced. He will also speak to a few of SETARAM’s most popular offerings, including: The DSC 131 evo, the C80 Calvet reaction calorimeter, the Labsys Evo, the Setsys Evo, microcalorimetry options including the μDSC7 Evo and the μSC Evo, and the Sensys Evo. 


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