Innovations in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry: Oil and Gas Application

To properly design oil pipelines, processing reactors, and upgrading and recovery processes, it is necessary to gain a complete thermodynamic understanding of the heat transfer, chemistry, pressure changes, and mass transfer within the system. This allows careful consideration not only of factors affecting reaction or extraction efficiency, but also of factors affecting process safety. This webinar provides an overview of thermal analysis and calorimetry techniques, with a focus on the following application.

  • Wax Appearance Temperature and flow assurance
  • Process safety
  • Gas hydrate formation
  • Enhanced oil recovery processes
  • Oil upgrading
  • Coal gasification

Technical considerations on approaching these problems will be examined, as will the optimal technique(s) for collecting the necessary data. Techniques including high pressure DSC, high pressure TGA, and three-dimensional (Calvet type) DSC will be examined. This webinar will be of interest for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, as well as academics, industry scientists, and chemical engineers in the field of petroleum science.


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