Characterizing the Thermal Conductivity of Heat Transfer Fluids

Knowledge about the thermal conductivity of dielectric fluids is essential to understanding and predicting the heat transfer in fluid-filled transformers which represent a significant portion of capital investment in transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Heat transfer management is necessary to improve the life-expectancy of the transformer. Increased consumption of electrical power and aging of the distribution equipment have led to frequent transformer overloads which put increased pressure for more efficient and commercially viable transformer fluids.

Transformer fluids perform two crucial functions; first, they electrically insulate the windings and coils, thus preventing electrical shorting and leaks. Second, they protect from overheating, primarily, the insulation paper, by dissipating heat, in preventing premature degradation. The thermal conductivity of these fluids is a critical performance characteristic in understanding their heat transfer properties, which in turn can predict the performance and life-expectancy of their application. 

Learn more about how the TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is used in benchmarking the performance of various transformer fluids.  The webinar will focus on the characterization of heat transfer fluids and will specifically explore recent work presented at the Canadian Thermal Analysis Society’s Annual Conference on measuring accurately the thermal conductivity of transformer fluids.   

This webinar will be of particular interest to engineers and researchers involved in the development and utilization of heat transfer fluids.


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