Characterizing the Thermal Conductivity of Nanocomposites

Nanomaterial is a wide range of  materials in which a single unit is sized between 1nm and 1000nm in diameter (but usually between 1 nm and 100 nm). Owing to the unique properties of these materials, it is possible to enhance or tune properties of classical materials, to improve thermophysical and mechanical properties of existing materials by making nanocomposites. Nanomaterials can include highly thermally conductive materials, such as carbon nanotubes, which have estimated thermal conductivities in excess of 2000 W/mK.
Join us online for a free webinar that reviews recent published research in the field of characterizing the thermal conductivity performance of innovative nanocomposites. This webinar will review recent published works from top researchers from South Korea, Malaysia, China and the USA. 
The webinar will be of particular interest to material engineers or material scientists in the field of nanomaterials.
Keywords: thermal conductivity, carbon nanotubes, graphene, phase change materials, nanocomposites, polymers


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