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All‐Natural Sustainable Packaging Materials Inspired by Plant Cuticles
New sustainable composite materials inspired by plant cuticles have been fabricated by impregnation of fibrous cellulose substrates with a naturally occurring polyhydroxylated fatty acid...
Perhydropolysilazane derived SiON interfacial layer for Cu-epoxy molding compound composite
The interface of Cu/epoxy molding compound composite (Cu/EMC) faces threats from water and ionic compounds, which can induce the delamination of the Cu/EMC, and thus, affect the reliability of the...
Size, Concentration and Content Effect of Copper/Graphite Hybrid Dopant on Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Characteristics of Unsaturated Polyester Resin
In this paper, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and physical properties of unsaturated polyester resin with dendritic-shaped copper(Cu)-graphite (Gr) fillers were experimentally investigated and...
Investigation of Expandable Polymeric Microspheres for Packaging Applications
This report documents an investigation of the feasibility of incorporating expandable polymeric microspheres into polyolefin films for food packaging applications and the ability of the...