Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Application Highlight: Measuring Thermal Properties Under Cryogenic Conditions

The following Application Highlight features the use of the FLEX Transient Plane Source method in thermal conductivity testing under cryogenic conditions. One of the most common variables investigated in thermal characterization is how a material’s properties change as a function of temperature. Thermal conductivity is highly relevant for this characterization interest as it directly quantifies a material’s ability to conduct heat. Ambient temperatures suffice for basic material testing, and many options exist to satisfy those needs. However, when pushing the limits of material testing at extreme temperatures, there is significantly more complexity in the test setups as well as more limited options that accommodate the inherent requirements. While more challenging, it is often at these extremes where materials will begin to behave atypically and thus the need for direct test data is mandatory as many trends and assumptions do not hold under these conditions. This is especially important for applications in the cryogenic range such as cold chain storage, aerospace, and manufacturing.  

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