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Two-Step Sintering Improved Compaction of Electrophoretic-Deposited YSZ Coatings
Abstract: Two-step sintering is proposed to enhance the compactness and phase stability of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) coating on Inconel 625. The sintering treatment is denoted as low step...
A systematic design to develop high-performance sintered particulate copper-composite as heat spreader material
A computational framework built on an effective-medium theory and mean-field homogenization is used to design particulate copper (Cu) composite for high-performance heat spreaders for electronic...
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat of the Calcium Phosphate Ore for a Drying Application
This paper discusses an experimental investigation to determine regression models for thermal properties of phosphate particles and to analyze the performances of the phosphate flash dryer. For this...
Acrylic‐based fire‐retardant coatings for steel protection: Employing the concept of in situ ceramization
Traditional intumescent coatings are widely used as passive fire‐protective coatings for steel structures as they are capable of expanding in the range of 20–50 times the original...
Thermomechanical and tribological properties of spark plasma sintered bearing steel/cBN(Ni) composites for engineering applications
This study attempt to investigate microstructural, thermomechanical and tribological properties of low-temperature sintered cBN and Ni-coated cBN reinforced bearing steel composites. Ultrasonic probe...
Thermal performance of modified polymeric heatsinks as an alternative for aluminum in heat rejection systems
Many studies have been conducted to obtain a viable alternative for metallic compartments in heat exchangers. The present research has been conducted to distinctly reveal the performance...