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A multi-scale methods comparison to provide granitoid rocks thermal conductivity
Granitoid rocks are frequently used in modern construction and restoration, hence the importance of knowing their petrophysical properties. These rocks find several applications in various types of...
Thermal Inertia and Conductivity Measurements of Mars Analog Samples
Thermal inertia (I) is the intrinsic property of a material that describes how efficiently that material can store, conduct, and re-radiate heat. It is given by: = sqrt() (1) where k is the bulk...
An updated ground thermal properties database for GSHP applications
When a new ground source heat exchanger field is planned, underground thermal properties input data are necessary for the correct sizing of the geo-exchange system. To support the design, the EU...
Rock Thermal Conductivity as Key Parameter for Geothermal Numerical Models
The geothermal energy applications are undergoing a rapid development. However, there are still several challenges in the successful exploitation of geothermal energy resources. A special effort is...
Thermal Insulating Foamy Geopolymers from Perlite
Geopolymerization is an emerging technology which utilizes solid aluminosilicate raw materials that are easily soluble in caustic solutions, in order to produce inorganic polymers with excellent...
Underground warehouses for food storage in the Dolomites (Eastern alps – Italy) and energy efficiency
Underground food storage represents an interesting solution to the increasing demand for new food storage space, combining this demand with sustainable land exploitation. It also reduces the energy...