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Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Application Highlight: Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Testing of Aerogels with MTPS
The following Application Highlight features the use of the Modified Transient Plane Source method in the thermal conductivity testing of aerogels.
Ecofriendly chitosan-derived carbon aerogels based eutectic hydrated salts for good solar thermal energy storage and corrosion mitigation effect
Abstract: Emerging integrated latent heat storage and photothermal conversion have great potential to efficiently capture solar light and facilitate energy management. However, the energy conversion...
Ice-Template Crosslinked PVA Aerogels Modified with Tannic Acid and Sodium Alginate
Abstract: With the commitment to reducing environmental impact, bio-based and biodegradable aerogels may be one approach when looking for greener solutions with similar attributes to current...
Elastic Agarose Nanowire Aerogels for Oil−Water Separation and Thermal Insulation
Abstract: Problems resulting from the emission of crude oil, toxic organic solvents, and petroleum products, as well as massive heat dissipation from industrial pipes, have threatened ecosystems,...
“Top-down” fabrication of anisotropic, lightweight, super-amphiphobic, and thermal insulating rattan aerogels
Abstract: Lightweight and sustainable aerogels have been a growing interest for thermal insulation applications due to current environmental and energy challenges. The design of cellulose-based...
Transparent, robust, and machinable hybrid silica aerogel with a “rigid-flexible” combined structure for thermal insulation, oil/water separation, and self-cleaning
Silica aerogel has many attractive properties, but poor mechanical properties severely limit its practical applications. Many reinforcement strategies have been implemented, however, most of which...
Developing flame-retardant lignocellulosic nanofibrils through reactive deep eutectic solvent treatment for thermal insulation
Abstract: The global consensus to pivot to a more sustainable lifestyle and achieve greater atom economy calls for not only sourcing advanced functional materials from biomass but also accomplishing...
Improvement of Window Thermal Performance Using Areogel Insulation Film for Building Energy Saving
Abstract: In buildings, windows have a major influence on space heating demand and indoor environment both with respect to climate and daylight. To reduce the window coefficient of the overall heat...
Solar-thermal energy conversion and storage of super black carbon reinforced melamine foam aerogel for shape-stable phase change composites
Abstract Thermal energy harvesting and storage with phase change materials (PCMs) have attracted extensive exploration in solar-thermal utilization. Solving leakage issue of PCMs and improving the...