Improvement of Window Thermal Performance Using Areogel Insulation Film for Building Energy Saving

Abstract: In buildings, windows have a major influence on space heating demand and indoor environment both with respect to climate and daylight. To reduce the window coefficient of the overall heat transmission, we use aerogel. Aerogels have a high surface area, low density, open pore structure, and excellent insulation properties. We mixed pressure sensitive adhesive and aerogel (10, 15, and 20 mass%) using a homogenizer. A mixture of the adhesives and silica aerogels attached film can reduce thermal conductivity. Silica aerogels are characterized by a surface area analyzer (BET), a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, a thermogravimetry (TG) analyzer, and probe tack method. Thermal conductivity was measured by a TCi thermal conductivity analyzer.

Keywords: Building energy saving, silica aerogel, thermal conductivity, insulating glazing, TCi thermal conductivity analyzer 


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