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Cellulose and Protein Aerogels for Oil Spill Cleaning
Abstract: Both the fabrication methods and properties of cellulose aerogels and silica–cellulose aerogels are discussed in detail. A combination of an aerogel structure and recycled cellulose...
Polymer-Encapsulated Aerogel Fibers Prepared via Coaxial Wet Spinning with Stepwise Coagulation for Thermal Insulation
Abstract: Polymer-encapsulated aerogel fibers with high porosity, low density, and good mechanical properties are promising candidates for thermal insulation materials. However, the fabrication of...
Highly Robust and Hydrophobic Aerogel Beads with Dandelion-like Structure for Water Treatment
Abstract: Nowadays the human living environment faces grave challenges raised by a series of environmental issues, including water pollution and the greenhouse effect. These crises call for the...
Sandwich-structured MXene/wood aerogel with waste heat utilization for continuous desalination
Abstract: Solar-driven interfacial evaporation technology has shown promising prospect in desalination. However, the weakened energy efficiency caused by intermittent solar irradiation and salt...
Durable thermal fluid super-repellency of elastic fluorine-modified SiO2@sponge composite aerogel
Abstract: Elastic aerogel materials have significant potential to enduringly perform thermal management in the air. However, it is still an important challenge to directly and durably endure thermal...
Multi-crosslinked, ecofriendly flame-retardant starch-based composite aerogels with high compression-resistance
Abstract: To achieve ecofriendly aerogels with high mechanics and fire resistance, naturally-occurring pea starch was employed as the major substrate, and starch-based composite aerogels were...
Double-skeleton based shape-stabilized phase change materials with excellent solar-thermal energy conversion and shape memory performance
Abstract: Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is widely used for thermal energy storage, but its practical application is limited by its strong rigidity, poor shape stability. In this work, a kind of melamine...
Effect of aerogel/silica fume under curing methods on properties of cement based mortars
Abstract: In this study, the mechanical, thermal and porosity properties of mortar samples containing aerogel and silica fume under different curing conditions were investigated. For this purpose,...
Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Application Highlight: Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Testing of Aerogels with MTPS
The following Application Highlight features the use of the Modified Transient Plane Source method in the thermal conductivity testing of aerogels.