Double-skeleton based shape-stabilized phase change materials with excellent solar-thermal energy conversion and shape memory performance

Abstract: Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is widely used for thermal energy storage, but its practical application is limited by its strong rigidity, poor shape stability. In this work, a kind of melamine foam/graphene aerogel (MF/GA) double-skeleton was prepared, then PEG was stably encapsulated into MF/GA by vacuum melt impregnation method to obtain MF/GA@PEG shape-stabilized phase change materials (SSPCMs). Structural characterization and performance tests were performed on MF/GA@PEG SSPCMs, including morphological observation, latent heat, thermal conductivity, shape stability, and photothermal conversion capability. The experimental results show that the MF/GA@PEG SSPCMs show high energy storage density (168.3 J/g), good shape stability, shape memory performance and excellent solar-thermal energy conversion capability with a high efficiency of 84.8 %, the thermal conductivity of MF/GA@PEG SSPCMs is 161% higher than that of pure PEG. The MF/GA@PEG SSPCMs with comprehensive properties have promising application in solar-thermal energy storage and thermal management in microelectronic devices.

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