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Efficient storage and recovery of waste heat by phase change material embedded within additively manufactured grid heat exchangers
The low thermal conductivity of organic phase change materials (PCMs) hinders their usage for energy storage purposes. We demonstrate a compact PCM-based thermal battery that employs...
Thermal Simulation of the Cooling Down of Selective Laser Sintered Parts in PA12
The cooling process of polymer components fabricated by selective laser sintering (SLS) plays a vital role in determining the crystallinity, density and the resultant properties of the produced...
Monitoring of Powder Homogeneity During Double-Cone Blending
A challenge central to the Powder Metallurgy (PM) process is achieving consistent and uniform products. A crucial step in reaching this goal, is ensuring powder blending sufficiently homogenizes a...
A Novel Approach to Support Structures Optimized for Heat Dissipation in SLM by Combining Process Simulation with Topology Optimization
Throughout the last decade, additive manufacturing (AM) processes have become increasingly relevant in different industries, e.g. medical, aerospace and tools, being on the verge to broad industrial...