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Temperature adjustable thermal conductivity and thermal contact resistance for liquid metal/paraffin/olefin block copolymer interface material
Abstract: The adjustable thermal conductivity and thermal contact resistance are the key ways to realize efficient thermal management of electronic devices. In this work, a low melting-point...
Developing flame-retardant lignocellulosic nanofibrils through reactive deep eutectic solvent treatment for thermal insulation
Abstract: The global consensus to pivot to a more sustainable lifestyle and achieve greater atom economy calls for not only sourcing advanced functional materials from biomass but also accomplishing...
Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles
C-Therm Technologies has been leading in the thermal management in electric vehicles by the optimization of using thermal conductivity measurements. As the climate crisis accelerates, electric...
Breathable and Flexible Dual-Sided Nonwovens with Adjustable Infrared Optical Performances for Smart Textile
Abstract: Maintaining constant body temperature is the most basic function of textiles. However, traditional fabrics irradiate a massive amount of thermal energy to the ambient environment due to the...
Thermal protection by integration of vacuum insulation panel in liquid-cooled active thermal management for electronics package exposed to thermal radiation
Abstract: Thermal Management Systems (TMSs) working for electronics packages under harsh environments like intense thermal radiation is challenging due to external thermal interactions. Thermal...