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Graphene-pentaerythritol solid–solid phase change composites with high photothermal conversion and thermal conductivity
Abstract: The use of phase change materials (PCMs) with high energy storage density is an ideal method to solve the problem of uneven and discontinuous of solar energy. At present, the common phase...
Transforming Ti3C2Tx MXene’s intrinsic hydrophilicity into superhydrophobicity for efficient photothermal membrane desalination
Abstract: Owing to its 100% theoretical salt rejection capability, membrane distillation (MD) has emerged as a promising seawater desalination approach to address freshwater scarcity. Ideal MD...
Energy harvesting and storage blocks based 3D oriented expanded graphite and stearic acid with high thermal conductivity for solar thermal application
Abstract: Photothermal conversion and storage of organic solid-liquid phase change materials (PCMs) show huge potential in conquering discontinuous solar irradiation. It remains a challenge to...
Reduced graphene oxide composite fiber for solar-driven evaporation and seawater desalination
Abstract: Solar-driven evaporation is a promising technology for freshwater production. However, traditional photothermal materials mainly focus on the issues of energy efficiency and versatility....
Simulation Led Performance Evaluation and Design of Polymer Composite for Encapsulation of Low-Concentration Photovoltaic Modules
This work is focused on optimizing the properties of encapsulant for low-concentration photovoltaic (LCPV) modules leading to improved electrical power and module life. Thermal conductivity (TC),...
Hybrid polyMOF Materials Prepared by Combining an Organic Polymer with a MOF and Their Application for Solar Thermal Energy Storage
The combination of metal−organic frameworks (MOFs), namely UiO-66, with polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymers yields hybrid polyMOF materials, which show unique morphology with tunable characteristics...