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Synergistic effect of graphene nanoplatelets and carbon black in multifunctional EPDM nanocomposites
Abstract: Ethylene–propylene–diene terpolymer rubber (EPDM)-based nanocomposites containing carbon black (CB), graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs), and mixtures of the two fillers were prepared. The...
Yarn on yarn abrasion performance of high modulus polyethylene fiber improved by graphene/polyurethane composites coating
Abstract: As a high-performance fiber, high modulus polyethylene fiber (HMPE) has been widely used in the rope industry. However, due to its low melting point and poor thermal conductivity, it tends...
Development of Graphite- and Graphene Reinforced Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
Abstract: The environmental impact of rubber waste can be reduced by extending the lifetime of rubber products. It can be achieved by developing graphene/rubber nanocomposites with good abrasion...
Ice-Prevention and De-Icing Capacity of Epoxy Resin Filled with Hybrid Carbon-Nanostructured Forms: Self-Heating by Joule Effect
In this study, CNTs and graphite have been incorporated to provide electrical conductivity and self-heating capacity by Joule effect to an epoxy matrix. Additionally, both types of fillers, with...
Analysis of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting with Graphene Aerogel-Supported Form-Stable Phase Change Materials
Graphene aerogel-supported phase change material (PCM) composites sustain the initial solid state without any leakage problem when they are melted. The high portion of pure PCM in the composite can...