Evaluation of PCM/diatomite composites using exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP) to improve thermal properties

This paper deals with the thermal performances of shape-stabilized phase change materials (SSPCM) for energy saving in various fields. This study enhanced thermal properties of SSPCM using exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP). SSPCM, which contains the xGnP, was prepared by mixing and melting techniques for high dispersibility, thermal conductivity, and latent heat storage. In the experiment, we used hexadecane, octadecane, and paraffin as phase change materials (PCMs), and they have 254.7, 247.6, and 144.6 J g−1 of latent heat capacity, and melting points of 20.84, 30.4, and 57.09 °C, respectively. The characteristics of SSPCMs were determined using SEM, DSC, FTIR, TG, TCi, and Energy simulation. SEM morphology showed homogenous dispersion of PCM and xGnP in the porous diatomite. DSC analysis results showed the latent heat capacity of SSPCM and SSPCM/xGnP composites, and TG analysis results showed the thermal reliability of the samples. Also, we checked the thermal conductivity of the SSPCM that contains xGnP, by TCi analysis.