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Thermal Modeling of Driver/Seat Interfaces in Automotive Applications
Abstract: A thermophysical model of the dynamic interactions between an automobile driver and a heated seat is presented. The model uses the experimentally measured averaged load distributions to...
Basalt fiber-reinforced foam concrete containing silica fume: An experimental study
Abstract: Foam concrete refers to a type of low-density concrete that is commonly known to have favorable insulation and thermal performance due to its intentionally increased porosity. However, foam...
Polyimide foam composites with nano‑boron nitride (BN) and silicon carbide (SiC) for latent heat storage
Abstract: Leaching and instability in wax-based phase change materials (PCMs) are serious application problems. Herein, we developed paper-like (~ 100 µm) fexible, composite PCMs by hydraulic...
Recycling of Automotive Vehicle’s Waste Glass to Develop Sustainable Glass Foam using a Curing-Sintering Process
Abstract: In Australia, yearly, around 22,500 Tons of waste glasses (WG) are discarded from end-of-life vehicles being landfilled because of the costly and convoluted recycling process. This...
Production of ceramic glass foam of low thermal conductivity by a simple method entirely from fly ash
Ceramic glass foam/foams (CGF) from two different F-class fly ashes were produced via a well-known simple conventional sintering method using sodium silicate (Na₂SiO₃) as a foaming and fluxing...
Ultra-light, heat-resistant, flexible and thermal insulation graphene-fluororubber foam prepared by using N2 as a blowing agent
Developing light-weight fluororubber foam is a challenging task mainly because of its high density and the easy shrinkage of foam. A promising approach to overcome this challenge is the use of...