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Recycling of Automotive Vehicle’s Waste Glass to Develop Sustainable Glass Foam using a Curing-Sintering Process
Abstract: In Australia, yearly, around 22,500 Tons of waste glasses (WG) are discarded from end-of-life vehicles being landfilled because of the costly and convoluted recycling process. This...
Production of ceramic glass foam of low thermal conductivity by a simple method entirely from fly ash
Ceramic glass foam/foams (CGF) from two different F-class fly ashes were produced via a well-known simple conventional sintering method using sodium silicate (Na₂SiO₃) as a foaming and fluxing...
Ultra-light, heat-resistant, flexible and thermal insulation graphene-fluororubber foam prepared by using N2 as a blowing agent
Developing light-weight fluororubber foam is a challenging task mainly because of its high density and the easy shrinkage of foam. A promising approach to overcome this challenge is the use of...