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Thermal Modeling of Driver/Seat Interfaces in Automotive Applications
Abstract: A thermophysical model of the dynamic interactions between an automobile driver and a heated seat is presented. The model uses the experimentally measured averaged load distributions to...
Tx Thermal Effusivity Touch Tester Brochure
Tx Effusivity Touch Tester: Simplify Thermal Effusivity Testing with the Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) Technique Measure the thermal effusivity of textiles with the Tx Effusivity Touch...
Life cycle inventory and performance analysis of phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Solar energy is a renewable energy that requires a storage medium for effective usage. Phase change materials (PCMs) successfully store thermal energy from solar energy. The material-level life cycle...
Monitoring of Powder Homogeneity During Double-Cone Blending
A challenge central to the Powder Metallurgy (PM) process is achieving consistent and uniform products. A crucial step in reaching this goal, is ensuring powder blending sufficiently homogenizes a...
Thermodynamics of Aerogel-Treated Nonwoven Fabrics at Subzero Temperatures
Nonwoven fabrics and aerogel have complementary properties required for good thermal insulation. In this work, the polyester/polyethylene nonwoven thermal wraps treated with amorphous silica aerogel...
The Effective Temperature at Which Fingertips Sense Thermal Effusivity and the Bias of Measurements
Thermoreceptors in the fingertips sense the temperature drop upon contact with an object and in that way its thermal effusivity. But, at which effective object temperature? That is the question...