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Two-Step Sintering Improved Compaction of Electrophoretic-Deposited YSZ Coatings
Abstract: Two-step sintering is proposed to enhance the compactness and phase stability of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) coating on Inconel 625. The sintering treatment is denoted as low step...
Production of ceramic glass foam of low thermal conductivity by a simple method entirely from fly ash
Ceramic glass foam/foams (CGF) from two different F-class fly ashes were produced via a well-known simple conventional sintering method using sodium silicate (Na₂SiO₃) as a foaming and fluxing...
Environmentally-friendly ceramic bricks made from zeolite-poor rock and sawdust
The production of innovative building bricks from new materials has drawn a huge interest lately, targeting sustainability-related problems. This research investigates the utilization of zeolite-poor...
Acrylic‐based fire‐retardant coatings for steel protection: Employing the concept of in situ ceramization
Traditional intumescent coatings are widely used as passive fire‐protective coatings for steel structures as they are capable of expanding in the range of 20–50 times the original...
Wood Waste Incorporation for Lightweight Porcelain Stoneware Tiles with Tailored Thermal Conductivity
Highlights: Lightweight ceramic tiles were produced using wood wastes as porogen. Reduction in weight (up to 12.5%) and thermal conductivity (76%) was achieved. The environmental...