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Thermal Performance Evaluation of Macro-Packed PCMs Using Heat Transfer Analysis Device

The application of PCMs to various fields is difficult, due to their phase instability in the liquid state. To solve this problem, PCMs need shape stabilization. However, a mock-up experiment in this study showed that thermal performance is less than excellent because of the small amount of applied PCM. Therefore, in this study, we suggest a macro-packed PCM as a method to increase the content of the PCMs. The macro-packed PCM was prepared using n-octadecane, n-eicosane, and n-docosane. The phase transitions of these PCMs occurred at 29.76 °C, 35.75 °C, and 43.16 °C during heating, and their latent heats were 256.5 J/g, 189.0 J/g, and 241.3 J/g. As a result of the TGA, it was confirmed that other mixtures are not mixed. Also, after these PCMs were packed, the thermal conductivity was higher than pure PCMs. Finally, according to the thermal performance evaluation, the thermal performance of the macro-packed PCM containing the n-octadecane is considered to be the best, making it useful in real applications as a finishing material in buildings.


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