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Thermal Radiation

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Thermo-physical characterization of some paraffins used as phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Three phase change paraffinic materials (PCMs) were thermophysically (phase-transition temperatures, latent heat, heat capacity at constant pressure, density, and thermal conductivity) investigated...
Effect of graphite fin on heat transfer enhancement of rectangular shell and tube latent heat storage
Abstract: Graphite is a promising material for application in thermal storage systems owing to its high thermal conductivity and extreme lightweight. In the current study, research on rectangular...
Experimental and computational analysis of packed-bed thermal energy storage tank designed for adiabatic compressed air energy storage system
Abstract: The growing importance of decarbonization and renewable energy sources to national power systems has brought about a need to implement large-scale energy storage technology. Adiabatic...
Innovative Design of a Thermal Battery: Influence of Carbon Nanotubes Concentration on Thermal Storage Characteristics
Abstract: Innovative design of a thermal battery resembling the solar thermal receiver is introduced. The fully connected aluminum meshes and the phase change material (NaCO3) with the presence of...
Thermal protection by integration of vacuum insulation panel in liquid-cooled active thermal management for electronics package exposed to thermal radiation
Abstract: Thermal Management Systems (TMSs) working for electronics packages under harsh environments like intense thermal radiation is challenging due to external thermal interactions. Thermal...