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Thermal Interface Materials

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Gallium Based Thermal Interface Material with High Compliance and Wettability
This study reports a gallium-based thermal interface material (GBTIM) consisting of gallium oxides dispersed uniformly into the 99 % gallium metal. The wettability of GBTIM with other materials is...
Thermally Conductive and Highly Electrically Resistive Grease Through Homogeneously Dispersing Liquid Metal Droplets Inside Methyl Silicone Oil
Thermal grease, as a thermal interface material (TIM), has been extensively applied in electronic packaging areas. Generally, thermal greases consist of highly thermally conductive solid fillers and...
Synergetic Effect of Micro-bamboo Filler and Graphene Nanoplatelets on Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy-Based Hybrid Composite
A hybrid composite material is comprised of two or more substantially different materials whose fusion generates combined features which are different from those of its individual constituents. In...