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Remarkably reduced thermal contact resistance of graphene/olefin block copolymer/paraffin form stable phase change thermal interface material
Highlights: A remarkably reduced thermal contact resistance of graphene/olefin block copolymer/paraffin is obtained. Critical thickness is proposed to quantitatively evaluate the dominant...
Innovations in Thermal Conductivity Component Testing for Electronics and Battery Thermal Management
The following keynote presentation took place at the Advancements in Thermal Management Conference in August 2020.  Poor thermal management generally results in weaker product performance, a...
Gallium Based Thermal Interface Material with High Compliance and Wettability
This study reports a gallium-based thermal interface material (GBTIM) consisting of gallium oxides dispersed uniformly into the 99 % gallium metal. The wettability of GBTIM with other materials is...
Thermally Conductive and Highly Electrically Resistive Grease Through Homogeneously Dispersing Liquid Metal Droplets Inside Methyl Silicone Oil
Thermal grease, as a thermal interface material (TIM), has been extensively applied in electronic packaging areas. Generally, thermal greases consist of highly thermally conductive solid fillers and...
Synergetic Effect of Micro-bamboo Filler and Graphene Nanoplatelets on Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy-Based Hybrid Composite
A hybrid composite material is comprised of two or more substantially different materials whose fusion generates combined features which are different from those of its individual constituents. In...