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Ultra-light, heat-resistant, flexible and thermal insulation graphene-fluororubber foam prepared by using N2 as a blowing agent
Developing light-weight fluororubber foam is a challenging task mainly because of its high density and the easy shrinkage of foam. A promising approach to overcome this challenge is the use of...
Sodium Silicate Insulating Foam Reinforced with Acid-Treated Fly Ash
A set of insulating foams based on sodium silicate were prepared using acid-treated fly ash as an additive. It was found that the HCl-treated fly ash was able to remove the undesirable...
Silica Aerogel Thermal Insulation Coating as Commodity Usage
Silica aerogel-based thermal insulation coating (SA-coating) was prepared from a commercial acrylic binder. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the effectiveness of SA-coating with the...
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Boards from Microalgae Biomass, Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate and Glass Wool
Among the many functions that a building material needs to have, its insulation functions stand out. This type of materials acts by decreasing the conduction of heat/sound in to the environment. In...
Innovative thermal and acoustic insulation foam by using recycled ceramic shell and expandable styrofoam (EPS) wastes
Ceramic foams were produced using ceramic shell (mullite source), an industrial solid waste from the precision casting process, and expandable styrofoams, EPS (d50 < 1 mm) as pore former,...
Recycling of an Agricultural Bio-waste as a Novel Cellulose Aerogel: A Green Chemistry Study
Cellulose aerogel (CA) isolated from tea stem wastes (TSW) is a good fire retardant and heat insulator, environmentally friendly, thermally stable and highly porous material with a network structure....