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Foamed Geopolymer with Customized Pore Structure
Abstract: Due to their favorable production conditions and promising properties (e.g., low shrinkage after foaming, mechanical and chemical stability, high-temperature resistance), geopolymer foams...
Thermal Energy Storage Aggregate Using Low-Cost Organic Phase Change Materials
Abstract: This study demonstrated the positive impacts of low-cost PCMs in producing new building materials capable of providing excellent thermal insulation in summer, and great resisting...
Effect of aerogel/silica fume under curing methods on properties of cement based mortars
Abstract: In this study, the mechanical, thermal and porosity properties of mortar samples containing aerogel and silica fume under different curing conditions were investigated. For this purpose,...
Innovative glass-ceramic foams prepared by alkali activation and reactive sintering of clay containing zeolite (zeolite-poor rock) and sawdust for thermal insulation
Abstract: Energy-saving through thermal insulation of the buildings is becoming extremely important recently, addressing sustainability-connected challenges. This work examines the potential for...
Trident™ Thermal Conductivity Application Highlight: Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Testing of Aerogels with MTPS
The following Application Highlight features the use of the Modified Transient Plane Source method in the thermal conductivity testing of aerogels.
Air drying scalable production of hydrophobic, mechanically stable, and thermally insulating lignocellulosic foam
Abstract: Demand for sustainable building thermal regulation is driving the development of low carbon-intensive, renewable, and safe-to-use materials to substitute the dominant synthetic polymers and...
Study on the Effect of NTO on the Performance of HMX-Based Aluminized Cast-PBX
Abstract: 3-Nitro−1,2,4-triazol−5-one (NTO) is an explosive with broad application prospects. To study the effect of NTO content on the properties of HMX-based cast-PBX (polymer bonded...
Research on Thermal Response Behavior of the Intumescent Coating at High Temperature: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Abstract: Intumescent coating is able to provide effective fire protection with both practicality and aesthetics. In this study, expansion performance and thermal physical property experiments are...
Ultrawideband Antenna Systems Embedded into a Load Bearing Wall for Connected Buildings
Abstract: The importance of indoor mobile connectivity has increased during the last years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In contrast, new energy-efficient buildings contain structures...