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Electrochemical–thermal analysis of 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate cell
A pseudo two dimensional electrochemical coupled with lumped thermal model has been developed to analyze the electrochemical and thermal behavior of the commercial 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate...
Innovations in Thermal Conductivity Component Testing for Electronics and Battery Thermal Management
The following keynote presentation took place at the Advancements in Thermal Management Conference in August 2020.  Poor thermal management generally results in weaker product performance, a...
A Comparative Study on Battery Thermal Management Using Phase Change Material (PCM)
The present study aims at battery thermal management of Electric Vehicles (EV). Li-ion battery used in EVs has an optimum operating range of 25 °C to 60 °C beyond which battery doesn't perform...
Electrochemical–Thermal Evaluation of an Integrated Thermal Management System for Lithium‐Ion Battery Modules
Thermal management of lithium‐ion (Li‐ion) batteries using phase change materials (PCM) demonstrate advantages such as compactness and reduced weight compared to conventional active cooling...