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Innovations in Crack Growth Fatigue Testing for Polymer Composites and Rubber to be Presented

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February 3, 2021

Fredericton, N.B. – METRAVIB, a world leader in high-end Dynamic

Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is to provide an update to industry on recent innovations in the field of crack growth fatigue testing on a special educational webinar hosted by C-Therm later this month.

Metravib’s crack growth detection is a result of over 20 years of development working with some of the leading research and development teams in rubber and tire formulation around the world. The update will highlight advancements to the test procedure, an overview of the capabilities and limitations of the method, and analysis of recent data sets in highlighting how leading rubber and composites developers are employing crack growth fatigue analysis in their performance testing.

The session is scheduled for Thursday February 18th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. The session is free to attend and those interested can sign-up at ctherm.com.

Crack Growth Analysis with Metravib DMA

It will be moderated by C-Therm’s Managing Director, Adam Harris. Harris comments, “It is extremely impressive the capabilities Metravib has developed with their DMA technology. This is a great opportunity to learn more innovations in such fatigue testing from the world’s best!”

About C-Therm Technologies Ltd.

C-Therm Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in transient-based thermal conductivity instrumentation for R&D, production and quality control environments. C-Therm’s flagship product is the Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument. Trident provides 3 different methods for thermal conductivity characterization. C-Therm’s overall mission is to simplify thermal conductivity characterization and provide opportunity for high accuracy data under real-world application conditions. C-Therm is the North American distributor of Metravib DMAs and Canadian representative for Setaram Instrumentation.

About METRAVIB (Brand of ACOEM)

METRAVIB is a brand of the ACOEM group. METRAVIB provides laboratories and the industrial sector with instruments for the characterization of the mechanical properties of materials using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA). With its strong capacity for innovation and its renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurements and physics of materials, METRAVIB has developed a unique range of Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers.

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