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C-Therm and tesa tape – a partnership that sticks

Optimizing EV materials for safety

FREDERICTON, September 25, 2023 – For immediate release

Fredericton based C-Therm Technologies Ltd. and their partner tesa tape, inc. continue a successful partnership in an upcoming presentation at ChargedEV, a virtual conference by Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine.

The partnership is helping to advance the way that thermal interface and adhesive materials are used in the development of electric vehicles. Together, the pair is making strides in enhancing the optimal performance of EVs for users everywhere.

C-Therm, a world leader in thermal conductivity instrumentation, and partner tesa tape, a global manufacturer of tapes and pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions, will share an overview of how thermal adhesive tapes are employed with e-mobility thermal management systems. The webinar, “Performance Testing of Adhesive Tapes for EV Battery Application – Why Thermal Conductivity Matters,” highlights the benefits of materials which offer both safe and effective thermal conductivity and structural support in the production of electric vehicles.

C-Therm and tesa tape have an ongoing partnership which has produced other noteworthy collaborations in the past year. In late spring, the duo released a collaborative white paper discussing the thermal performance of self-adhesive tapes for EV batteries. In July, they co-hosted “BBQ & Batteries,” an event which discussed thermal analysis & testing, plasma treatments, and adhesive tapes in EV batteries.

C-Therm and tesa tape’s ChargedEV presentation is set for October 4, 2023 at 2:15 p.m. EDT, presented by Nico Eddelbuettel and Elliot Sedlecky of tesa tape, inc. and Arya Hakimian of C-Therm. To attend the free webinar, register with the following link:

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