Innovations in Crack Growth Testing with DMA

Understanding the crack propagation behavior of rubbers is essential to the design and development for leading tire manufacturers, biomedical material developers, and many other material scientists. These studies help inform engineers and designers of the critical safety risks that can arise when rubber materials form cracks due to impact, shearing, cutting, or any other incision on the material. The resistance to fatigue, aging, and crack growth in these types of samples has traditionally been limited to observing the material response up until the failure and no further. With METRAVIB’s unique approach to crack growth testing – it is now possible to precisely measure the entire crack growth response during the failure of the material! Furthermore – it is completely automated and integrated into the DMA+ series of instruments.

This innovation has been in development for over 20 years, working with some of the leading research and development teams in rubber and tires around the world – and now it’s finally here! Join C-Therm’s Adam Harris and METRAVIB’s Hugues Baurier as they discuss the exciting capabilities that are possible with METRAVIB and Crack Growth Testing with DMA.

This webinar will interest anyone working in the rubber and tire industry, biomedical field, and any polymer or rubber science application relating to fatigue and crack propagation.

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