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2019 Webinar Schedule




September 4, 2019 1PM EDT Thermophysical Properties Analysis for Additive Manufacturing Powder Metallurgy Process Optimization


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Thermophysical Properties Analysis for Additive Manufacturing Powder Metallurgy Process Optimization

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process in which an object or desired part is manufactured through the additive deposition of individual layers of material. AM processes pertaining to metals include selective laser sintering, electron beam melting, and laser powder bed fusion. In all cases, a feedstock (typically a metal powder) is melted into the desired position in a localized manner using a high-energy beam. The localized melt is then allowed to re-solidify before the next layer is deposited.

The thermodynamics of these processes are extremely complex, and are highly dependent on feedstock composition and quality, process chemistry, ambient atmosphere, deposition rate, and to some extent the part being machined. Therefore, AM process optimization can be challenging. Metals have additional challenges as it is often desirable to control the quenching of the metal to control the phase distribution in the alloy – particularly when working with shape-memory alloys.

Efficient optimization of these processes requires a thorough understanding of the thermophysical properties of the system and a consistent, well characterized feedstock. In this webinar, we explore techniques to characterize thermophysical properties of materials in AM systems and the use of process analytical technology (PAT) in powder metallurgy blending. Join us to learn more about how to use thermophysical analysis to aid in optimization of your metallurgy process.