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C-Therm announces record growth in the first half of 2021

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August 3rd, 2021

Fredericton, N.B. – C-Therm Technologies Ltd, the world leader in transient thermal conductivity instrumentation, announced record revenue in the first half of 2021. 

The growth has been driven by the continued success of C-Therm’s new Trident Thermal Conductivity instrument. 

The company announced a 99.2% increase in revenue – doubling sales over the same period in 2020. The company notes strong demand for the product in the electronics, batteries, and electric vehicle market segments. Company CEO Adam Harris comments, “Trident provides advanced capabilities directed towards the specific needs of engineering and product development teams facing huge pressure in accelerating time to market. Thermal conductivity is a critical performance attribute in optimizing thermal management of these products.”

Customers such as Intel Corporation, the world-leading chip manufacturer, employ C-Therm’s patented technology for high accuracy measurement of the thermal conductivity of materials. Intel’s Hardeep Singh commented:


“C-Therm’s Trident system allows us to not only test a relatively broader range of materials with various sensor techniques, but with the Slab utility we are able to easily test the thermal conductivity of our thin aluminum alloys – which have high value in today’s electronic and computing hardware.” 

– Hardeep Singh, Sr. Thermal Engineer, Intel Corporation


Jarett Nickerson, C-Therm Vice President of Sales & Marketing on Trident:

“With the three methods of thermal conductivity testing on Trident: MTPS, TLS, and TPS giving users the ability to choose the right sensor for their samples, this extension of the TPS sensor module with new utilities even better positions C-Therm for exponential growth occurring in the R&D of electric vehicles and batteries with the capability to test thin films, anisotropic polymer composites and thin metal compound sheets.”


About C-Therm Technologies Ltd.

Simplifying thermal conductivity for the world of tomorrow.

C-Therm Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in transient-based thermal conductivity instrumentation for R&D, production, and quality control environments. The company supports a wide range of applications in characterizing the thermal conductivity of battery components, conductive polymers, wearables, performance textiles, geological and construction materials. C-Therm’s overall mission is to simplify thermal conductivity characterization and provide high accuracy data under real-world conditions for improved performance.  

To find out more information about C-Therm Technologies Ltd.’s products and applications, visit their website at www.ctherm.com.

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