Thermal Conductivity in Geological Processes

Geological materials encompass a wide range of material phases – solids such as core samples; pastes such as clays and muds; and unconsolidated mixtures including topsoil, loam and gravels. Processes such as mining and oil extraction can be performed on a variety of materials under ambient pressure to extremely high pressures, from temperatures as low as -40°C to over 200°C. With such a wide range of material types and test conditions, key to geological process design and heat management is knowledge of the thermal properties of these materials. This webinar highlights how to measure thermal conductivity of geological samples and why the thermal conductivity is important in geological surveying. A novel method for characterizing such materials under high pressure conditions will be presented in highlighting the importance of testing with representative test conditions. This webinar is recommended for engineers and researchers in the oil & gas industry, geothermal and other industries dependent on accurate, representative thermal conductivity data of geological samples.

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