Exploring Thermal Conductivity of Powders

Applications in Additive Manufacturing, Injection Molding and Geothermal


In this webinar, we will delve into the various aspects of thermal conductivity testing of powders and related non-bulk materials such as aggregates and granular materials. This session will feature a variety of industries and applications, including metal powder additive manufacturing (AM), polymer melts used in injection moulding, and geological material testing with relevance to geothermal. We will highlight the importance of understanding thermal conductivity under representative test conditions.

This session will focus on two transient methods for measuring thermal conductivity: the modified transient plane source (MTPS) and the Transient Line Source (TLS) method. Which method is best suited depends on the specific sample and testing conditions of interest. This session will cover various examples of each use case with relevant datasets from both industry collaborations and academic publications.

Join us to learn more about the thermal conductivity characterization of these materials. This webinar is recommended for researchers, engineers, and materials scientists working with or interested in powder applications for designing and optimizing materials and processes.

This webinar aired on June 20, 2024 @ 2:00PM GMT-3.

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