ESP Application Highlight: Effusivity as a PAT Tool for Blend Uniformity Monitoring

Learn more about application of C-Therm’s ESP system for real-time process profiling of blend uniformity. C-Therm’s wireless effusivity sensor package (ESP) system measures effusivity of powder materials, employing the modified transient plane source (MTPS) method. The ESP is used as an on-line or in-line process analytical technology (PAT) tool in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical , cosmetics, and metal powders.  Metal powders have a broad range of applications ranging from the automotive sector (e.g. production of transmission gears, clutch plates, parking gears, etc.), outdoor power generations equipment, appliance and other industrial uses. In all such applications, it is important to have a homogeneous blend of powder. Over-blending the product can result in the development of particle fines and settling. Under-blending the product similarly presents a challenge in future processing of the material. C-Therm’s ESP offers a unique solution for real-time feedback on the blend-uniformity of the material. 

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