Enhancing and Testing the Thermal Conductivity of Potting Compounds for Power Electronics: A User Feature Webinar with CoolMag™

Guest Speakers: David Roldán & Xavier Mirabet


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Why CoolMag?

Filled polymer systems in the form of potting compounds are often used for thermal management applications in electronic devices. These materials are designed to be solid or gelatinous in nature and provide not only heat dissipation from the critical components, but also give structural support and physical protection as well. Fillers incorporates in these materials are often done so with the goal of increasing the overall thermal conductivity and further improve their ability to reduce generated thermal load. This can often result in improved performance, longer lifetime expectancy and better safety ratings for the devices in question.

 This webinar will feature a guest speaker from Coolmag to discuss how thermally conductive compounds can help improve thermal performance in many of todays advanced electronic devices. Discussion on proper thermal characterization methods with respect to sample type will also be highlighted as an important consideration to obtain accurate and repeatable data. The importance of filler dispersion and other material properties will be covered with example data sets collected on various polymeric and potting compound samples



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