ATH Functional Fillers for Thermally Conductive Adhesive Applications

Presented with Special Guest Speakers Pankaj Yadav and Pierre-Guillaume Colmard


Electric vehicles, and more specifically their battery chemistry and design, are constantly evolving to address automotive market requirements. These include the worldwide availability of materials, vehicle autonomy, public safety and cost competitiveness necessary to make EV affordable to a wider population.

This webinar will highlight how Alteo’s aluminium hydroxide (ATH) filler mix TIMal M3 can play a key role in answering those challenges. The focus will be on thermal conductivity performance in epoxy systems as measured by C-Therm’s Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument. The associated thermo-mechanical properties recorded by Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) equipment from Metravib will show the enhanced properties of treated fillers.

This webinar aired on June 6, 2024 @ 10:00AM GMT-3.

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