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Thermal Conductivity of Mineral Oil Based Transformer Fluid

Transformer fluids are expected to act as a electrically insulating medium and heat transfer agent.  It is thus desirable for the fluid to have a higher thermal conductivity.  The thermal conductivity and more general heat transport properties of the material are considered important performance criteria in the selection of the transformer fluid.  A quick and easy way of measuring this criticial performance attribute of the product is offered with the TCi Thermal Conductvity Analyzer.  

The mineral oil-based transformer fluid pictured below was tested in C-Therm's research lab in Fredericton, NB Canada.

Thermal Conductivity of Mineral Oil-Based Transformer Fluid









Testing results are presented in the table below and support the manufacturer's claims of a higher thermal conductivity property for the material relative to other competitive transformer fluids.  It is important to note that the heat transfer or more specifically, thermal conductivity, is only one of many performance properties for a transformer fluid.  


Transformer Fluid (Mineral Oil-Based)
Tests Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)
1 0.162
2 0.162
3 0.163
4 0.162
5 0.163
AVG: 0.162

A good resource on the importance of heat transfer issues in evaluating transformer fluids is available here.

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