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Testing the Thermal Conductivity of MgO-Filled Polyphenylene Sulphide

We recently received a request to test the thermal conductivity of the samples pictured below described as a MgO-filled PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) with the TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer:

MgO-Filled PPS

The samples were apprximately 1-2mm in thickness thus it was important to verify that the measurement pulse was within the boundary conditions of the sample.  This is easily verified in administering a quick ``Blotter Test`` which involves testing the sample with two different backing materials of different thermal conductivity values (e.g. foam and metal).  If the results of the sample testing with the different backing materials remain the same - then the measurement has not fully penetrated the sample.  This is important as we do not want the backing material to be included in the evaluated volume of material measured by the sensor.  In the case of the PPS samples tested, the results did not change in trying the samples with different backing materials.  This confirms that the samples are sufficiently thick to test with the standard default timing parameters set in the factory-calibration of the TCi sensor (0.8 second).  

The testing results of the MgO-filled samples are provided below. 

Measurement Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)
1 0.765
2 0.762
3 0.766
4 0.764
Average (W/mK) 0.764
RSD (%) 0.19%

Testing results fell within close agreement of the expected results.  The MgO significantly increases the thermal conductivity of the base PPS material.  The MgO loading was approximately 60% by weight.  

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