TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

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Comparing Thermal Conductivity Methods


  C-Therm TCi
Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS)
C-Therm TCi
Transient Line Source (TLS)
Transient Plane Source Guarded Hot Plate /
Heat Flow Meter
Laser Flash Diffusivity

Sample Preparation None Required None Required Some Extensive Extensive
Testing Time Seconds Minutes Minutes Hours Hours*
Training Time Minimal Minimal Significant** Moderate Moderate
Non-Destructive Yes Yes No No No
Method Development
ASTM/ISO Standards ASTM D7984, WK50791, WK43689 ASTM D5334, D5930, IEEE442 ISO-22007-2 ASTM C518, C177 ASTM E1461, E2585
k-Range (W/mK) 0 - 500 0.1 - 6 0 - 100
(100 - 500 requires Cρ)
0 - 2 0 - 500
(requires density & Cρ)
Temperature Range (ºF)/(ºC) -58º to 932ºF
-50º to 500ºC
-67º to 392ºF
-55º to 200ºC
-148º to 1292ºF
-100º to 700ºC
-148º to 2552ºF
-100º to 1400ºC
-238º to 5072ºF
-150º to 2800ºC
Minimum 0.67" diameter
80 ml Two Identical Samples*** 6" x 6"
(150 x 150mm)
0.5" diameter (12.4mm)
0.004" thick (1mm)
Maximum Unlimited
Unlimited Two Identical Samples
24" x 24"
(600 x 600mm)
0.5" diameter (12.4mm)
0.004" thick (1mm)
Material Testing Capability Solids, Liquids, Powders, Pastes Granular Materials, Powders, Slurries, Gels, and Pastes Solids, Liquids Solids Solids
Isotropic & Anisotropic Materials Yes No Yes (Requires Cρ
 and Density)
No Yes
Heterogeneous Materials Yes No Yes No No
PRICING $$-$$$ $ $$$ $$$ $$$$
1 Based on pubicly available information and feedback from users.
* Calculation of thermal conductivity from Laser Flash Diffusivity Measurement requires the additional following material properties: heat capacity (Cp), density, and coefficient of thermal expansion.
** Traditional Transient Plane Source requires iterative testing to obtain the correct experiemental parameters in terms of power flux, test time, and sizing of sensor necessary to obtain accurate results.
*** Minimum sample size depends on material's thermal diffusivity and probe radius.


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