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Effusivity Workshop at AAPS a Success

December, 2008 – The 2008 annual AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) meeting in Atlanta Georgia provided the backdrop for a workshop entitled ‘Powder Flow & Process Analytical Technology – Tools for Implementation of QbD’. Christina Pattoni from Pfizer spoke about her team’s use of the Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer, while Stephen Closs from Patheon shared his experiences of using the C-Therm ESP Thermal Effusivity instrument, and Stephen Wu of Covidien talked about both technologies in respect of work with pharmaceutical lubricants. Each presentation prompted lively debate, highlighting the many challenges people share when it comes to successfully processing powders.

The event, co-sponsored by C-Therm Technologies and Freeman Technology, attracted participants from over 20 organizations in the pharmaceutical industry and provided an atmosphere to gain a greater understanding of different formulation and PAT tools to facilitate QbD.

“The workshop was well attended and well received,” said Tim Freeman, Director of Operations with Freeman Technology. “We are particularly grateful to our invited speakers for taking the time to share their experiences.”

“The relevance of this topic in the pharmaceutical industry and the strength of the speakers helped contribute to the success of this event.” commented Rob Pugh, ESP Product Manager with C-Therm Technologies. “Participant feedback from the workshop was extremely positive as it’s a great forum for sharing experiences.”

Speakers at the C-Therm Technologies & Freeman Technology sponsored workshop held in Atlanta. Left to right: Rob Pugh, C-Therm Technologies; Stephen Closs, Patheon; Tim Freeman, Freeman Technology; Christina Pattoni, Pfizer; Stephen Wu, Covidien

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